Focused Silence is an independent and experimental record label, publisher and music supervisor, releasing and licensing various electronic, folio and jazz music since 2016. What began as a playful interaction between electronic music and experimental art projects has developed over the years under the tutelage of music lovers and the label entrepreneur, Andrew Backhouse, into a multi-faceted international artists’ portfolio with an astonishing output. Focused Silence’s current pool of artists encompasses Jazz and electronic music artists such as Sheffield-based multi-instrumentalist Tantric Doctors to iPad musician, David Smith (the Oxford Ambient Collective). We have a growing roster, and we are looking for demo submissions.

The first release on our experimental record label was Orb In A Field. Focused Silence started so that the participants of the workshop associated with Orb In A Field could download the work they produced upon completion – and to make it available for their loved ones. Focused Silence then grew into a field recording label before amalgamating with the deceased Artapes Productions.



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