Hipnotic Jazz

Hipnotic Jazz, otherwise known as Glen, is an experimental music and picture maker from Southend, UK. Glen’s music takes influences from jazz, electronica, Movie/TV scores, hip hop, house, garage, broken beat, dub, techno, jungle, drum n bass, soul, funk, reggae, afrobeat, folk and most other things in between.

Glen grew up on a mixture of soul, prog rock, hip-hop and acid house. In 1995 Glen bought himself his first set of turntables and started DJing a mixture of Chicago / Detroit house and US / UK garage. From 1998 Glen expanded his musical interests by discovering the music and artists that inspired the dance and hip-hop music he mixed and listened to. Whilst DJing at local clubs & bars around Southend (at this stage as a funk, soul, hip hop, trip hop, dance music DJ) Glen studied alto and soprano sax, percussion, turntablism, guitar and production. In 2003 Glen switched gears and took on a career supporting vulnerable young people and families.

Ten years later and Glen creates Hipnotic Jazz – after discovering new inspiration in photo editing and graphic design, and which eventually leads him back to digital music production, online collaborations and social media promotion.

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