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Mar 31, 2019

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Just a quick note to say that I have made Lossless Downloads a feature of the shop.

I have competitively priced them at the same as the MP3 downloads.

But, what is a lossless download and what format did I choose? Well, I went with FLAC for the format. Lossless FLAC means that you are getting Master Quality digital audio to your computer that does not take up much room on your Hard Drive. As an example, WAV files are lossless too, but they take up a lot of room on your hard drive.

I went with FLAC because I wanted to give the best experience possible to the customer.

FLAC can easily be converted in to another format – keeping the original on your Hard Drive. If you want the files to work with iTunes then I suggest that you convert it to Apple Lossless (M4a File format) from the FLAC. To do this you will need a free file converter like Media Human. Click HERE to see about getting Media Human Audio Converter.

So, as a consumer, you are winning with this.

I’d like to thanks Al, from Silhouette Sect, for talking me into this change – I feel it is a better step for the label. Please keep an eye out for the launch of the pre-sale for Silhouette Sect’s next album – I hope it will meet with your approval. It has mine.

Thanks for listening. Andy.

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