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<p>FIELD RECORDING RELEASES ARE AVAILABLE AS DOWNLOADS FROM THIS SITE ONLY<br /> Field recording is the term used for an audio recording produced outside a recording studio, and the term applies to recordings of both natural and human-produced sounds.<br /> Field recording of natural sounds, also called <b>phonography</b> (a term chosen to illustrate its similarities to photography), was originally developed as a documentary adjunct to research work in the field, and foley work for film. With the introduction of high-quality, portable recording equipment, it has subsequently become an evocative artform in itself. In the 1970s, both processed and natural phonographic recordings, (pioneered by Irv Teibel’s <i>environments</i> series), became popular.<br /> “Field recordings” may also refer to simple monaural or stereo recordings taken of musicians in familiar and casual surroundings, such as the ethnomusicology recordings pioneered by John Lomax.<br /> Wikipedia<br /> The files herein are WAV format – your best bet is to create a Playlist within your chosen media library (e.g. iTunes) and then dragging and dropping the files in to that playlist.</p>
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