Focused Silence is an independent and experimental record label, publisher and music supervisor, releasing and licensing various electronic, folio and jazz music since 2016.

What began as a playful interaction between electronic music and experimental art projects has developed over the years under the tutelage of music lovers and the label entrepreneur, Andrew Backhouse, into a multi-faceted international artists’ portfolio with an astonishing output.

Focused Silence’s current pool of artists encompasses Jazz and electronic music artists such as Sheffield-based multi-instrumentalist Tantric Doctors to iPad musician, David Smith (the Oxford Ambient Collective). We have a growing roster, and we are looking for demo submissions.

The first release on out experimental record label was Orb In A Field. Focused Silence started so that the participants of the workshop associated with Orb In A Field could download the work they produced upon completion – and to make it available for their loved ones. Focused Silence then grew into a field recording label before amalgamating with the deceased Artapes Productions.

Musicians – We would like to hear your demo, but our time is limited. Please send one or two tracks lifted from the album that you think we would like and send them to this email address – here – and please include a bit about yourself (+ contact details). If we like it then we will ask for more – we will listen to all of the demos sent to us and we endeavour to try and reply to every person who submits a demo.




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