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Dylan Neely is a musician based in America who submitted an album with a twist. The over-arching theme of the album is the myth of the story of the Persian king Cyrus’ rise, as Herodotus writes it. To tell it in brief: Astyages has a dream where he imagines his daughter Mandanes urinating so much that she drowns his kingdom, which he interprets as a signal to kill her child, Cyrus. He gives Harpagos the task, but instead, Harpagos hides the child with a shepherd. Later, Cyrus is discovered to be of royal descent, and Astyages adopts him. He punishes Harpagos by feeding him his own son at a feast. Harpagos then plots revenge, eventually convincing Cyrus to foment revolution against his grandfather, thereby establishing the Persian empire. You can read more about the release HERE.

You Can Get A Fine Art Print

You can get a fine art print of the cover of Dylan’s album by clicking HERE. The artwork was crafted by Downtrend Shapes Renewal – a gifted and prodigious man.


On-line Love

The lads at have claimed experiMENTALien’s album “TeTraTulpa” to be “one of the most innovative releases of the season.” You can read the article, written by TJ Norris HERE.


Downtrend Shapes Renewal have another video out – one of the most productive artists I have had the good fortune to meet. I have embedded it below. The loop is made for a track lifted from his EP “Dissonance.” You can still check the album by heading to the link HERE. The EP is available as Cassette and Download.

The work/health conundrum has been catching up on me. I have been putting in all of the hours that I can yet the work seems to just pile up. I was pushed for time to record The Parish News this week. I was very late in getting it out to the public. It is a bit of a different format in that this week’s show is a DJ Mix – but, a DJ Mix from prepared Cassettes.

I am unsure if you recollect the Gaffa Tapes experiment I made a few months ago – well, this is a Gaffa Tapes take-over for a solid two hours.

Some of it is a bit challenging to the listener. I am quite pleased with the mix though. There was a bit more of a performance aspect to the radio show this week, DJing, than just me talking between the tracks. I am not hoping to show off my (non) mixing abilities – just to mess about with the music I have in my collection. You can listen to the show here.

Evil Eye

Proud to say that the best music shop in North Yorkshire now stocks Focused Silence. Evil Eye Vinyl is located next door to Major Tom’s Social Club on The Ginnel (above Space Vintage Shop) in Harrogate. They have a few of the more recent releases and it is a good place to spend a few hours before popping for a pint at Major Toms.

Summing Up

Quite A Lot To Take In

A lot to take in in this Newsletter – the album, Harpagos is amazing // proud of experiMENTALien // my show is a cop-out // get drunk, buy records.

Thanks for listening.
Andy x

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