We have a new release out and I have also picked up the second run of “Sonic Map Of Dornoch”. “Sonic Map …” is now limited to an edition of fifty copies and contains a photograph taken by myself of the location. As you may/may not be aware, Dornoch is a sea-side town in the Highlands of Scotland – my Granny lives there and it is a welcome break from work to travel the nine hours up there. The rewards are fantastic when you get there.

There is another release out on Focused Silence called “Woodland Scene: Dawn Chorus” – also by myself, Andy Backhouse. In late April, I had been having a sleepless night so I got a taxi out to the sticks at 04:30, after packing my recording gear. I walked a mile or so after the taxi journey and recorded the ambience of the woodland as the sun rose. I was hoping to get more than an hour-long recording, but a Wren sat on the microphone stereo t-bar and started singing – sending all of my levels to red, forcing the recording to irrecoverably peak. The Wren then started pecking at the fluff on the microphone to secure nesting material. However, I edited the recording down to an hour and it is available in a run of 50 CDs – all with a photograph I took from DeGrey’s Woodland overlooking farmland.

Here is the photo I took of the beach that accompanies the Dornoch CD  and a copy of the photo accompanying the “Dawn Chorus” CD – both taken by myself:

The final piece of Focused Silence news is that we are putting on a gig. To be held on October 13th, 2018 at S. Augustine’s Church, Kilburn – London NW6 5XB, 8B5C3B++ is an experimental sound project. It is an 8 speaker immersive sound projection which aims to set a new paradigm of spatial electronic music, by materialising space and time as physical entities in the vastness of Saint Augustine Church in Kilburn. This recitation of contemporary, experimental music will be performed live in an awe-inspiring venue. Tickets are only £7 and all proceeds go to the artist. You can read about the event HERE. But, more on that later.

The Parish News now has a bona fide Patreon Page. You can see that HERE. Studio costs are getting a bit much to produce the show so I am looking at ways of financing the project. There are various tiers of rewards to the sponsor – the “Friend Of The Show” Package is the entry-level package. With the “I’m Beyond Sound” Package – well – you get a Focused Silence T-Shirt, Focused Silence Poster, bonus Parish News content where I give a verbal review of a recent album, playing all of the tracks on the album, and I will create a field recording specifically for the patron. There are various levels of interest in between the entry level and the top tier though. This week’s edition of The Parish News was recorded a bit later than normal although we are already eleventh in the charts –


Remember that? It was my review site before I moved all of the reviews over to The Parish News. I admit I was nowhere near qualified to review an album – but I had a passion for the music was listening to and I wanted to try and convince you why you needed these recordings in your collection.

An example of this is the duo of albums by Jeffrey Roden, on Solaire Records. I had not been so moved by a piece of music for some time – I was listening to “Threads of a Prayer Vol I” when I lost an elderly family member and “Threads of a Prayer Vol II” when another family member was fighting the light. The music echoed my condition and struck a chord with me – regardless of my sentimentality, Jeffrey has been kind enough to include some of my words on his site – his site can be seen HERE.

Right, that is about everything I need to tell you at present. I think I deserve lollipop after writing all of that. As ever, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this – thanks x.
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