experiMENTALien – “TeTraTulpa

New Release Out Now, 2018.

A New Release On Focused Silence “TeTraTulpa” by experiMENTALien.

TeTraTulpa Cover

Can a man be so completely detached from his circumstances he sees himself as an alien being? Due to his past, experiMENTALien sees himself documenting the everyday life here on Earth for his extra-terrestrial peers. This is a montage of lo-fi field recording mashed up on a sampler and laptop so that they do have an ‘other-worldly’ charm and strangeness.

Available As CD//DL

The artist behind TeTraTulpa is inspired by the idea of telepathically transformed treasure – the idea that something left there for a æon can mutate and change beyond recognition through thought alone.

This album is the result.

Plenty More Releases On Their Way. The order for 250 CDs of a Contemporary Classical / Ferric experimental album – have arrived and I will start posting them out soon. David Newlyn’s “Standard Low Noise Reference” is out on 16th November 2018 – but I will write about that nearer the time. Listen To “Standard Low Noise Reference

Things at the shop are ticking over nicely – I am still glad I changed the ecosystem back to Bandcamp – if ever you want to listen to any of the albums before you buy them then head over to focusedsilence.bandcamp.com

The Parish News was actually okay this week. I have been playing around with the setting on my microphone and my voice sounds a lot less saturated. I am pleased with the One-Hundred and Fifteenth Edition of The Parish News – it goes live at midnight Fri/Sat.

If you want to tune in – just click HERE and look for the “Playlist” in the menu. Alternatively, there is a big PLAY button on the Home page.

Summing Up

You Need A Lolly – Well done on reaching this part of the Newsletter – I wish I had something witty and concise to say but – as you know – I am prone to rambling at the best of times so all I can say is g’night.

So, thanks for listening.
Andy x

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