A New Release On Focused Silence

“~” by Elnath Project.

ELNATH PROJECT is the solo project of the Italian musician Alessandro Ciccarelli. A Trumpeter with an academic background who has played over the years in several bands and with several genres. The Album “~” –  released by Focused Silence, today – is his first solo album. It collects some of the recent compositions following his reflection on the idea of the composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988):

“Music cannot exist without sound.
Sound exists by itself without music.
Music evolves over time.
The sound is timeless.
It’s the sound that matters.
Sound is strength.”
– Giacinto Scelsi –


Toneshift Approved

“This is not one of those typical sleep concert records, but teeters on that edge – moreso, its deep-seated drift rocks you gently into awareness.”

– TJ Norris, Toneshift –

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Online Collaboration

I think it is safe to say this – there is going to be three releases this January. The first was Fallen’s “Against The Storm” out on the fourth. Then, today, it was Elnath Project’s “~” and then on the 25th January, there is a new release by Downtrend Shapes Renewal.

To get the music out to as many people as possible I have collaborated with the artist, Downtrend Shapes Renewal, and we have developed a site for the album – I am unsure how long the website will stand – but if you want to check it out you can see it at www.screentimedsr.uk

I’m very happy to announce that Downtrend Shapes Renewal will be releasing on Focused Silence again. The artwork for the release was done by the act themselves and will hopefully be made available as a limited edition print in the not too distant future. Here it is … Pre-Order Screen Time by Downtrend Shapes Renewal.

I have been leaving it to the last minute to record The Parish News – however, there should be a new show recorded over the weekend. This may be one of the last times I harp on about The Parish News on this Newsletter – see, I have started a new Newsletter for The Parish News. Something about chickens, eggs and baskets (putting them all into one).

So, if you want to keep abreast of developments with The Parish News, I suggest you sign up to that Newsletter. You can do so here: sign up to The Parish-Newsletter.

Summing Up

You Need A Lolly

This has been quite a meaty newsletter with a lot to take in. I hope you get some worth from the releases enclosed within. If you do not want to jump head-long into a purchase then please feel free to listen to any of the releases in the entire back-catalogue of the label on Deezer, Spotify or Tidal.

So, thanks for listening.
Andy x

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