Pleased as punch to announce a new release on Focused Silence. Busukyangbernanah’s “Tomorrow” is in all of the big stores now.

You can listen to it (for free) on Spotify – here.
You can buy it on iTunes – here.
You can buy it on Google play – here.

Hell, you can even get it for a short period on Amazon here.

It is a harsh noise/power electronics release and a very good one at that. I appreciate the Power Electronic Music will not be everyone’s cup of tea – but this is one of the better albums in the canon if you ask me.  This album is not for the faint hearted – yet, I find solace in it. It is as if through witnessing the artist bear his troubles and pain there is a cathartic rebirth of the calm he once had. With track titles such as “Of Mental Health” and “Vitamin X” it seems Busukyangbernanah has poured his soul into this recording.

“Tomorrow” is the second album by Busukyangbernanah. First, it was released by his friend Zebulon Kosted on Kapustin Yar records in the year 2009. It was on CD-R and a very limited run. By re-releasing on Focused Silence, Busukyangbernanah hopes that people outside of his native Indonesia will hear it – it has already featured on The Parish News, my radio show.

In other news, I am continually cocking up the Metadata of the Focused Silence back catalogue on the new Greedbag shop – this means that there are still delays in getting the CDs available for sale – please bear with me on that one. However, the shop has been built and is currently stocking an assortment of T-Shirts and Posters – to see the shop, in its current state of zero music, head over to – Still, it keeps me out of mischief.

As an antidote to the Harsh Noise you may have listened to in the above links, I recently made a DJ mix of old scratchy reggae tunes that is doing quite well in the charts (last time I looked, it was just outside the top ten). If you want to check out my other musical passion – Reggae – you can listen to the mix below.

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