Hi – Hope all is well? All is well here.

I have added a few new subscribers to the Focused Silence/Parish News mail-out – if at any time you want to unsubscribe then there is the relevant link in the footer of this email. However, this newsletter will not be too spammy/frequent. You are signed up to this Newsletter due to your affiliation with Focused Silence/The Parish News/Andrew Backhouse.

To start the Newsletter, I’d like you to know the Total ET’s “UNIVERSENSES” made the list of “90 Inspiring Records from Slovakia 2017.” The CD/Download can be listened to HERE and purchased on our shop HERE.

I am gearing up for a busy Spring – there is a relatively new outfit who goes by the name of Fernando’s Loudspeaker. Their debut is called “VOCAL STUDIES 1” and it is very weird (in a good way). Pre-orders are being taken HERE. Ed did the artwork for the release – all of the more recent album covers are available as fine-art prints from the shop – CLICK HERE. “VOCAL STUDIES 1” is out on 30th March 2018.

Downtrend Shapes Renewal has a date set for the launch of their second album – “THE PRAGMATIST” is out on March 16th and pre-orders are being taken HERE. “THE PRAGMATIST” is technically accomplished and loaded with themes and memes from our days and for our futures. Really strong work by him.

And the last, but not least, release that I am forwarning you about is an achingly beautiful Art-Pop release all the way from Siberia. The artist goes by the name “Metrophobia” which means “A fear of poetry and verse” – Google it. However, poetry is what Metrophobia’s album is; with its exquisite harmonies, it is a really bleak, pessimistic take on a man’s joie de vivre. Beautiful. “MANATEE” by Metrophobia is out on the 9th April and pre-orders are being taken HERE.

Reviews are starting to come in for “A SONIC MAP OF DORNOCH” by myself – here is good’un. “A SONIC MAP OF DORNOCH” also made the playlist for radio in Portugal & two German stations. S’nice that …


The Parish News seems to be going from strength with two more stations starting to broadcast my radio show in America. The stations are KPIP-LP, Lafayette, Missouri and K-BOG 97.9 FM which is in Oregon, on the West Coast.

As expected, I have the graveyard shift but it is still nice to know I will be weirding out insomniacs and long-distance freight drivers. Last weeks edition broke the top twenty for its associated genre on Mixcloud – I need to record this week’s edition tomorrow … if you want to scare the neighbours head over to www.theparishnews.com and turn it up loud.

That’s about all for this Newsletter – if you have something to say to me get in contact at [email protected] as opposed to hitting the reply button; an obvious glitch in The Matrix on that one.

Thank you for reading this.

Andy Backhouse // The Parish News // Focused Silence

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