I’m pleased to say that in the small hours of 19th October 2018 I pressed ‘publish’ on Silhouette Sect’s “Metahope.” It is an album I am proud to be associated with – even if it is in a small way. To read more about the artist, Silhouette Sect, please CLICK HERE. To see the page for the release please CLICK HERE.

Silhouette Sect’s album “Metahope” – Artwork by the artist.

The title “Metahope” is a phrase coined to mean ‘the hope of hope’ – a beautiful sentiment that shines through this beautiful album. There is an aching nostalgia in this release and fans of Rutger Zuydervelt’s ‘Red Soul’ will not be disappointed.

Sparsely populated in places, the album dexterously uses great field recordings to an effect that feels like a crisp spring dawn.

Silhouette Sect is based in the Bristol region. Even though he has not performed the work live, I would pay good money to see this played out as a single piece in a small gallery or arts centre. I had a small hand in the album; I mastered it and produced the final DDP Image for Duplication. Something I am getting better at. If you ever want any music mastering, please head over to www.sigilofbrass.com – most of the work that runs through this label runs through there.

The album artwork was made by the artist, Silhouette Sect – he seems to have the gift and can turn his hand to most things creative. The CD inlay was left intentionally blank – maybe as a way of signifying that art is what you make to it? I cannot tell you how well this will be received – but it is just beautiful.

There is a bit of an issue with the duplication of the CDs – we are a bit behind schedule as I am having to change suppliers. But, bear with me and all will be present. I have submitted the album to the big stores and I will keep you posted on that in the social media channels of the label. You can find them in the header of the site.

“Metahope” is the type of album I want to release – it is a crafted album. Gossamer fine in places and delicate in all the right ways. I could liken it to a silken Butterflies flight – but then I am just home from recording The Parish News and I need some medicine, so I won’t. I admit I can sometimes wax lyrical about developments with the label – but – then these are all releases that I believe in. “Metahope” is a fine example of what I want the label’s output to turn in to.

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