Hi Folks – Hope you are well? All is well here.

Summer seems to have been and gone in fair Harrogate. Still, let’s hope Autumn is not too cruel. I am sat in Creao Studio with a cold beer having helped a good friend record his radio show. The Sound Of Wonder is a weekly radio show that gets aired in America. You can listen to it HERE. Not what you associate with this Newsletter but I thought the Sound Of Wonder to be a sorbet to cleanse the avant-garde palette.


I have also had good news about The Parish News. It reached No.6 in’t charts last week. Not to be sniffed at. This week’s edition can be listened to here. There is a higher level of crap links (personal best?) but the music is what people tune in for. The music is good.

There is a new CD available for sale in Focused Silence web store. The CD is by me, Andy Backhouse, and is called Woodland Scene: Dawn Chorus. I trundled up to a top secret location in North Yorkshire and recorded the rising of the sun in an isolated woodland.



De Greys Woodland is near Ripon, North Yorkshire and is home to a magnificent Beech tree (see the stitched photo above) – I set my microphones up around the Beech tree and even managed to record a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. It will be on the bigger download sites soon – as well as the streaming sites like Spotify. Artist copies and favours for the CD will be mailed out as soon as I have picked the artwork up from the printing firm I use – there was a batch of CDs but I spilt a can of coke in to the box and CDs are ruined; I have had to go back to the drawing board on the packaging and re-order the batch.

If you are expecting a CD of “A Sonic Map Of Dornoch” or “Woodland Scene: Dawn Chorus” then it could be another week until they materialise. Sorry for the bother but I will try and keep the buyers posted on the postage.


We are getting ready for a new release on Focused Silence. May 25th is the date that “Karesansui” is release by Focused Silence on behalf of Tantric Doctors. You can rad a bit about the release HERE. “Karesansui” is a one-track, forty-five-minute improvised album inspired by Japanese Stone Gardens. Taking its cue from the serenity and the organised structure of Stone gardens, this is ‘Stone Gardens’ as seen by a free-jazz musician. Tantric Doctors (just one man) is a free-jazz and electronic musician who revels in Stone Garden’s complete other-worldliness yet finds similarities in the different disciplines of free jazz and stone gardens.

The artwork is done by the very talented Ed Lawrenson. You can purchase a fine art print of the cover HERE. All proceeds from the sale of the print goes towards the artist and, damn it, he deserves it!

Right, I had better dash – I have an A.M. full of business meetings (as if my day-job is not busy enough as it is) – With the coming of GDPR every website needs updating, and I am a web designer.

Toodle pip!

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