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There is a new release out on Focused Silence, transplanted from the doomed label, Artapes Productions. “Truth Beauty And Decay” by Downtrend Shapes Renewal is now available in the Focused Silence shop – please click HERE.

The person behind Downtrend Shapes Renewal makes a living as a visual artist and is currently working on a solo exhibition. Keen to separate their visual work from their sound design, they found that by making music there was an instant accessibility to a project as opposed to the discipline he was schooled in, the visual arts.

Focused Silence is keen to give each and every demo submission a listen and it was a quiet joy to hear the ponderous musings of someone finding themselves. And that is what this album is; Truth Beauty And Decay is an established artist experimenting with a new medium and finding themselves.

The map above is the CD inlay artwork – we agreed to try and capture the genii locus of the album and as Downtrend Shapes Renewal is based in the Worcester area we plumped on a map. I quite like the way that it cuts off.

Slightly more accessible than some of the previous offerings on Focused Silence – there is structure and decorum to the proceedings on this album. This is a relevant album – there is hope embedded within each musical note of this recording; an awakening.

Released by Focused Silence and mastered by Mastering.WTF – Truth, Beauty & Decay will be available in the big download stores (such as iTunes etc.) soon and is now available on the Focused Silence Shop page (http://focusedsilence.greedbag.com).

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Andy // Focused Silence

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