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As ever, there is the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the footer of this email – but, I only write about things pertinent to the label, Focused Silence, and my radio show, The Parish News. The Parish News has started to get recorded in my spare room lately – this is not indicative of a decline in quality because a station in Oregon has recently picked up on the show and intends to broadcast it in the near future … when the station gets off the ground and starts broadcasting. However, I have not been able to do the show this weekend due to Birthday commitments (I am now old). I intend to break with the current run of things and record the show, once again, in Creao Studios, Harrogate on Monday evening.

The Parish News can be heard at www.theparishnews.com in all its finery. Last week’s edition, the seventy-fifth edition, has reached No8 in the Mixcloud Charts for the show’s associated genre. Not bad.

On Friday ninth February I oversaw the launch of “A Sonic Map Of Dornoch” – I am pleased with it, although I will let you be the judge of the quality of it. You can listen to the release on Spotify HERE. The album artwork was cobbled together by myself – a bit of a rushed process, but I am pleased with it – it uses a relatively new technology called “Color Fonts” – whatever that is.

However, I have drafted in a bona fide visual artist to do the covers from now on. A portrait painter by trade, Ed expresses his abstract drive through music and digitally manipulated art. I will be making Ed’s covers for the albums available as prints from within the Focused Silence Shop, on behalf of the artist. Here is an example fo the album cover that will be for “The Pragmatist.”

The above will make itself felt on the release of “The Pragmatist” by Downtrend Shapes Renewal on 16th March 2018. I admit I am not qualified to pass comment on the piece as a work of art – but as an album cover, it really works: it is in keeping with the tracks on “The Pragmatist.” I love the light bleed.

I am excited about the upcoming release of “The Pragmatist” because it is only Downtrend Shape Renewal’s second release on the label and because it marks a new, exciting chapter in the visual branding of the label. I will not receive any income from the sale of the prints of the covers – all of the proceeds will go to Ed to recompensate him for his time with the design.

So, by the time you read this email, I should have the prints available in the Focused Silence Greedbag Store – please look for the section called “Glicée Prints” on the left -hand column of the Greedbag Store. A Glicée Print is just the term used for the method to achieve a print that will last up to seventy years in sunlight – think of it as a Fine Art Print.

Thank you very much for reading this email – if you think I am getting a bit spammy then there is the appropriate method of unsubscribing in the footer. If you have got this far then you deserve a lollipop.

Andy // Focused Silence // The Parish News

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