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As I say in the Newsletter: there is plenty of new music on the horizon at Focused Silence with Downtrend Shapes Renewal’s second album, called “The Pragmatist,” coming out on the sixteenth of March – that is this Friday. CD pre-orders are still being taken for the album – CLICK HERE – and it will be available as a download by the weekend. The artwork for the release is available as a fine art print (not to be sniffed at) that will last seventy years in direct sunlight (apparently). You can see the artwork HERE. Alternatively head over HERE to read a bit more about the album. It is a very strong piece of Avant-Pop.

“A Sonic Map Of Dornoch” received a good write up in this month’s edition of The Wire Magazine – they described it as “… difficult to dislike.” Quite why they were looking at it with a view of disliking it I do not know, but I am very grateful for the good press. Download and CDs of “A Sonic Map Of Dornoch” are available from the label’s shop HERE.

I found out something awesome the other day – if you google “Experimental Record Label” then Focused Silence ranks on the front page – not bad at all.

If you run a Blog or a Zine and would like to review some of the albums mentioned in the Newsletter please email me at [email protected] – in fact, get in contact regardless; it’d be great to hear from you.

As ever, thanks for reading this.

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