The sun is streaming through the window of Chateaux Backhouse and things are going well after a good night with friends. I am just in from having recorded the latest instalment of The Parish News and about to head to my bed. The Parish News is the radio show that stems from the label and the back catalogue of the show can be found on the label’s site – click here to listen to the latest edition. I have reached the fifty first edition of the series – almost a year!

The label is have a jiggle around. Figure that as I am changing the shopping system, I could do with a shake up – first thing was first and that was to change the logo. The old one was a bit dated and I have plumped for this one –

The shop is still in the process of being changed – I am closing the Bandcamp page and opening a Greedbag Shop. The new shop has been built although it is currently without any music – there are some t-shirts on the site, but it could be a good week before the shop has the capability of selling CDs and downloads. If you want to have a look at the part of the shop that has the t-shirts then feel free to visit this link here. However, the music is/should still be in the big shops like the iTunes of the world.

In other news, I have started a side venture – Mastering.WTF ( is the project I have put a good bit of my allotted time towards this week. I have put in to practice the experience I have gained from reaching No.1 in the Reggae Charts (twice) and also the lessons learned from mastering the label’s output; the idea is to master DJ mixes and eventually all the music I am sent – so, if you have a mix or a track you need polishing before it goes public have a word in my ear and I will see what I can do. I’ll give you the link again in the footer.

Other than that it is much of a muchness – forms, sheets and admin – please note that artists copies of their CDs will be a bit slow as Chris in the warehouse is currently in France.


Fifty First Edition of The Parish News
T-Shirts on my new shop (awaiting music)

Thanks as ever for listening,
Andy // Focused Silence

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