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I am chuffed to bits to say that the most productive artist I have the good pleasure of knowing, elizabeth Veldon, has a new release out on Focused Silence. Elizabeth’s “Lowland Islands 1 (Bute)” is an instantly nostalgic body of work, ætheral and pining. Fresh from her write up in The Wire magazine, elizabeth sent me “Lowland Island’s ..” a few months ago as Summer waned.

Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I was unaware of the date of Black Friday 2017 – the release of “Lowland Islands …” & Black Friday coincided. My bad. Still, rather than bombard you with even more “BUY ME” emails – I figure it could be a slow burner and I will send this out late.

Above, you see the artwork for the Digital Download – yes, I am following a theme. I am not going to try and wax lyrical about how the Golden Grid Method was employed for the MP3 artwork – I am, after all, telling you about the music, not the design. To hear the music and to have the opportunity to get your own copy, please head over here – you will see the relevant opportunities to get hold of the album on the right-hand side of the page.

Elizabeth is the best person to sum up this release:

“I wrote these pieces in the Autumn, intending to visit Bute in the Spring or early Summer, these are a fantasy of the island. Since then I have moved to the Highlands and not only will I not visit this island for the foreseeable future but I will never complete my proposed trilogy of works about these islands.”

Elizabeth continues.

“This is a fantasy that will always stay a fantasy, a dream fading slowly as a Piano note.”
In other label news, I have got around to getting the Field Recordings I have made up on the site. As of now (early Sunday morning) there are a few of the releases still getting encoded – but the majority of the folio work I have made is available here. Everything from forty-five-minute recordings of gales (I got very cold) to sound-montages. Brilliant!I do not know what your point of view on Streaming Digital Music is, but I do not want to deny the artists on my label the opportunity to be heard on all the platforms available – so, the label is now on Spotify and Tidal. Go search for an artist.

That’s about all for now – thanks for reading. Grab yourself a lollipop if you made it this far … There is the usual “Unsubscribe” button in the footer

Andy // Focused Silence.

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