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Tantric Doctors have a new release due out in two weeks. “The House On Ensenada Drive” is due to see the light of day on the 27th October 2017 & the first review is in! The review was written by Beach Sloth and it’s a belter, even if they did spell the album wrong to start off with:

“Every piece works in unison sculpting a surreal aural atmosphere. While the Jazz underpinnings inform the entirety of the album – elements of rock, noise, industrial and ambient are deftly woven into the overall sonic fabric.” – Beach Sloth

The album is an anti-real estate pitch for the house that Captain Beefheart & co. rented whilst recording their album “Trout Mask Replica.”

As the man behind Tantric Doctors agrees, the idea of making a tribute album to an already existing album would be quite ridiculous. “The House On Ensenada Drive” pays homage to brick-and-mortar, the genii locus of 70’s avant-garde, as well as the musical house of avant-garde, contemporary classical and free music from the time of “Trout Mask Replica” onwards. You can preorder the album here.

We also have a new act joining us on the label: AD/WO. You will have heard of their work in the past, under a different name, but they are trying to break free and try something new with their music this time. They do not want to be confined by the shackles of their past labours. AD/WO has released a Long-Form Drone album on Focused Silence, called “Dunes Of Titan” which channels space-isolationism and the hope of the rising sun.

“Dunes Of Titan” is currently only available as a CD as, once again, I have cocked up the Metadata for the release and just hope there are no typos. The Digital MP3/WAV copy will be available on the label’s Greedbag store soon – in the meantime, you can get the CD here. Thankfully the canny folk of State51 (my “people who do that”) are on the case and it should be ship-shape and Bristol fashion asap.

You can pre-order the CD of “The House On Ensenada Drive” HERE.
You can order the CD of “Dunes Of Titan” HERE.

Bit of a long email this – so, if you have reached this far; go grab yourself a cuppa. You deserve it.

Andy // Focused Silence

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