Hi – Hope all is well? All is well here.

Although I woke up unnaturally early.

Over the weekend, Tantric Doctors released “The House On Ensenada Drive” on Focused Silence. The album is a tribute to the house that Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band lived in whilst recording Trout Mask Replica, as well as the spiritual house of 20th-century avant-garde music. Monk, Coleman, Cage and good vibes in general. Think of it as an anti-real-estate pitch. You can listen to “The House On Ensenada Drive” here.

A review blog, Beach Sloth, described “The House On Ensenada Drive” as –

“Stately in temperament the way that the Tantric Doctors traverse the terrain feels quite majestic. Every piece works in unison sculpting a surreal aural atmosphere which at times becomes impossible to truly pin down. While the jazz underpinnings inform the entirety of the album elements of rock, noise, industrial and ambient deftly are woven into the overall sonic fabric.”

The full review can be found here. Right, I had better go and record a radio show – I was hanging out with family in the Peak District over the weekend and need to catch up with my procrastination – I also need to go for a jog after the amount of food that I ate. If you want to listen to the resulting radio show that I am about to record, I have created a stand-alone site for my radio show, The Parish News, at www.theparishnews.com. Maybe you can tune in sometime? It would be ace if you could.

Speak soon,
Andy // Focused Silence

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