A New Release On Focused Silence

Screen Time” by Downtrend Shapes Renewal.

Downtrend Shapes Renewal makes a bold statement with his latest release, “Screen Time.”

“I’m interested in the cognitive dissonance required to reason that in order to save millions of lives, you must first destroy millions of lives. Japan were the guinea pigs for this experiment and some believe that once we learnt to destroy worlds, so people from other worlds began to keep tabs on out new abilities.”

~ Downtrend Shapes Renewal ~

“The themes I have tried to explore on this project, though seemingly disparate are the madness of humanity, alienation in the age of the smartphone and tales of extraterrestrial visitation.”

~ Downtrend Shapes Renewal ~

Screen Time


Downtrend Shapes Renewal release their album, Screentime, on Friday 25th January 2019. It is available as a pre-order CD and it will be available as a download.

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February / March

I have welcomed two new, promising acts to the label – Allan Smyth is an audio-visual engineer. He has been making music for decades but this is his first release on the label. LI YILEI is a fine artist based in London who’s works have been performed and shown at numerous venues throughout London, Sweden and Austria. Her latest show was at Café Oto, London.



Allan Smyth


Alan has a release scheduled for the middle of February and LI YILEI has a release scheduled for March – I will write a better email about the releases in due course. In the meantime, you can listen to excerpts from all of the releases on the label’s shop and you pre-order releases that are coming out – as well as get past releases.

The Parish News has it’s own Newsletter now. You can sign up to it on the site for the show. But, I am pretty much telling everyone I brush against that I am now broadcast on Resonance EXTRA.

Summing Up

There is a lot happening with the label. If you ever want to listen to any of the albums before you commit to purchasing then scope out the album on Spotify or Tidal. There are tracks from the albums embedded on the product pages for the albums.

We have a lot for you in the coming months, I’ve been very busy and working all the hours that I am allowed. So, thank you for your attention.

Thanks for listening
Andy x

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