A New Release On Focused Silence

Screen Time” by Downtrend Shapes Renewal.

“Screen Time” is an album by Downtrend Shapes Renewal – released by Focused Silence today. The work is a fifty-four-minute album exploring the madness of humanity, alienation in the age of the smartphone and tales of extraterrestrial visitation.

“I’m interested in the cognitive dissonance required to reason that in order to save millions of lives, you must first destroy millions of lives. Japan were the guinea pigs for this experiment and some believe that once we learnt to destroy worlds, so people from other worlds began to keep tabs on our new abilities.”
~ Downtrend Shapes Renewal ~

Although Downtrend Shapes Renewal was one of three thousand anagrams generated by their name and an online algorithm, they chose the moniker because they believe it suggests that life can come from death, a new order can rise from chaos and at very least we can learn from our mistakes in order to shape a better future.

You Can Find Out More About Downtrend Shapes Renewal HERE

“The themes I have tried to explore on this project, though seemingly disparate are the madness of humanity, alienation in the age of the smartphone and tales of extraterrestrial visitation.”

~ Downtrend Shapes Renewal ~

Screen Time


Downtrend Shapes Renewal release their album, Screentime, on Focused Silence today. It is available as a CD and also available as a download from the website. The CD ships with eight-page booklet.

Post day is Wednesdays so that is when the CDs ship.

I am getting on first-name terms with the girls at the Post Office now, they’re a nice bunch!

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Summing Up

I thought I would write a quick note to mention the release out today – if you want to listen to it before you purchase it then it should be on most streaming sites (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc.) by the start of next week.

Thanks for listening
Andy x

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