Allan Smyth – “Spinning”


New Release Out 15th February 2019

A New Release On Focused Silence

Spinning” by Allan Smyth. 

A One-track, twenty-minute, album was composed in real-time using semi-modular synthesis and found sound, patched through a mixing desk. This was a process of overdubbing live composition and “of the moment” happenstance.

“Spinning” is inspired by the imagined experience of spinning in space. The slow decline in momentum and the unfathomable scale of space are summed up in the rumbling bass and crisp highs. Like with a spinning top, the motion – as it decreases – causes wobble and eventual collapse of inertia which in itself has a found beauty and narrative.



As we are surrounded by other spinning objects both here on earth and in space, the artist asks the listener to imagine the collisions and interactions between these vortices and other inanimate objects. Also, the myriad of human engineering travelling through space to an uncertain end.

March / April

I have welcomed two new, promising acts to the label – LI YILEI is a fine artist based in London whos works have been performed and shown at numerous venues throughout London, Sweden and Austria. Her latest show was at Café Oto, London. Another act with a release on the horizon is Ehsan Banitaba – an experimental composer working with Field Recordings who is based in his hometown of Tehran, Iran.

LI YILEI has a release scheduled for late March – there is a talk going on with The Wire magazine to see if one of her tracks from the forthcoming FS Release will be featured on The Wiretapper CD. This Focused Silence release is severely limited to an edition of 100 Cassettes. For the pre-order of LI YILEI’s EP “0:00” please head over HERE.

Ehsan Banitaba is an Experimental music composer and Sound artist based in Tehran, Iran. He is quite used to rubbing shoulders with the elite of electronic music composition having been heavily tipped at prestigious competitions in the run-up to the release of “In Parallel”, which you can pre-order HERE.

Summing Up

There is a lot happening with the label. It is an exciting to be in the industry for me – I feel I am slowly being recognised for putting the work of good artists to a wider platform. I cannot take much credit for the label – a record label lives and dies by the music it releases. But, I am happy to keep on keeping on with Focused Silence.

There was a bit of an error in the release of Allan Smyth’s “Spinning” in that the streaming copies were not yet up on Deezer, Spotify or Tidal – hopefully, that will sort itself out in the not-too-distant.

Thanks for listening
Andy x

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