David Newlyn – “Standard Low Noise Reference”

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A New Release On Focused Silence

Standard Low Noise Reference” by David Newlyn.

Released on Focused Silence on 16th November 2018, this is David Newlyn’s debut on the label. I had heard of David’s work with Cathedral Transmissions but the beauty and complexity of this well-thought-out piece took me by surprise. It is so damn delicate.

Recorded on to Sony V.O.R cassette recorder, Sharp minidisc and Dictaphone, most of the recordings are made from manipulated sounds. Laid down directly to cassette and then slowed down to deliberately degrade the sound, the track ‘Bright Blue’ is the same long piano loop played on cassette at 3 different speeds then multitracked.


By Ed Lawrenson

The artwork for David Newlyn’s album was created by the talented artist we have been using for our covers for a while. Ed records under the name Downtrend Shapes Renewal.

Out Soon

“Harpagos” by Dylan Neely.

It is very rare you find a concept album that fuses cutting-edge recording and compositional techniques with ancient Babylonian myth. But, this is exactly what Dylan Neely has achieved, with aplomb.

The album fuses Field Recordings and fine musicianship. It is due out on 30th November 2018. You can listen to a track from it on the release page on Focused Silence and you can read more about the artist on his respective Focused Silence Artist Page.


Recent Reviews

“Metahope” by Silhouette Sect

“… simply exquisite, outer-worldly, and contains delicate notes with the perfect blend of field harmonics, drone and cinematic chords.” – Ambient Glitters


“Gorgeous.” – Toneshift





I have been seen a few of the previews of Downtrend Shapes Renewal’s Videos. In my opinion, these are great – you can see Ed’s full channel HERE.

The idea is to whet your appetite. I am mastering his next album, due out in 2019 and it is mighty fine – I would openly compare it to transition-era Radiohead but I am not the most adept critic; but, it’s reet mint! Here is a taster video and we have been promised more to come.

Quite a good show this week – if you want to listen to the One-Hundred and Sixteenth Edition of The Parish News then click the link below. I ate a plate of Fish & Chips the size of a large infant for supper – it needed Dandelion and Burdock to wash it down. So, I popped to the shop whilst I played “Degradation Loops” by Jasmine Guffond – the track is condensed from sixteen days to half an hour so I had plenty of time to spare.


Summing Up

You Need A Lolly

I am finally getting to catch up with label stuff. It is good to clear the backlog – I have been told that The Parish News will be broadcast on American and British radio in the coming weeks. I have applied to have it broadcast on Resonance EXTRA but I doubt that would happen – it would be a dream come true.

So, thanks for listening.
Andy x

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