Hi – Hope you are well? It is well here.

Thought I would send out a mid-week missal to tell you about an exciting new release due to come out on Monday 23rd April. It is all a bit rushed as I did not want to keep the artist waiting, but, Total E.T.’s “A.L.I.E.N. (All Leads Into Eternal Nothingness)” will be available from the label’s Bandcamp from Monday – which can be accessed HERE. Pre-orders are being taken now.

The album will (hopefully) be available as a CD from the label’s shop (HERE) in the nick of time – if not it’ll take a few days for the system to catch up. I have asked my “People Who Do” to “Do” and I am quietly confident in their abilities. I can’t fault the guys n gals at State51 – without them, my label wouldn’t exist in its current guise. I will write another Newsletter on the day of release to jog your memory about A.L.I.E.N.

See, “A.L.I.E.N.” samples field recordings from the deepest regions of the space-time continuum. Might sound absurd because Space is a vacuum so no sound travels through it. But these are interpreted radiowaves. Very clever stuff. Composed as a ‘comprovisation’ this is an important album – I mean it! Sounds FROM SPACE!

The Parish News trundles into a new week. I have tried to make the playlists as accessible and as user-friendly as possible – so, if you think you may have been played on The Parish News head over to HERE and you will be able to search the playlists. In the meantime, you can listen to this weeks edition of The Parish News HERE.

I thought about writing the playlists for The Parish News here, in this Newsletter – but that would just be repeating myself and absurd.

So, you can read all about the latest release on Focused Silence by heading to the dedicated page for the release HERE. You can listen to the latest edition of The Parish News HERE and, if it takes you fancy, you can become a patron of the show by heading over HERE.

I think that is everything for now – I have a cold beer on the go and better head off. Thank you very much for reading this far.

Speak soon,


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