New Release

Friday saw a new release on Focused Silence. “8B5C3B++” by Chris Parmenidis is causing a bit of a stir. As the reviewer, Toneshift, put it – “There is a freeform sensibility here, no repeating cycle of effects, rather a continuum of visionary ideas. It’s a rare bird.” For more on the review of this album, click HERE. For more on the release visit the page I built for it HERE.

The review on Toneshift gives me the impression that the reviewer got the same feeling about the work that I got when I first listened to it. It really is a masterpiece.

We’re Releasing A Cassette

We’re releasing a cassette – but you will have to wait until September 21st to get your hands on it. Unless you bump into Downtrend Shapes Renewal – he could give you one of his promo copies. Downtrend Shapes Renewal will be releasing “DISSONANCE” as the first release on the new imprint for Focused Silence, called Ferric:Flux. More news on the release can be gleaned from its page HERE. If you run a Blog or a zine and would like to review the album, please contact Ed at Dense PR – he’s a good guy and will help sort it.

Radio Show

I don’t often go on about The Parish News on this site (I never shut up about it in real life). Over 100 editions (200 hours / 12000 minutes!) of my show was ticked off the ‘To-Do’ list the other week. I managed to record Episode #101 on Friday and it was No12 in the Noise Charts on Mixcloud by Sunday dinner. I get a lot of satisfaction from the show … keeps me busy. You can listen HERE.

New Site

In my quest to do something other than what I should be doing – I have redone my artist site. If you have the time and inclination then I have moved domains to

There is a different, lighter type of CMS and I am chuffed with it. It is mainly for Field Recording / Sound Art but there are a few images and videos by myself.



What Is On My Stereo

You can see it below, but, the album artwork for “Shape Memory” by Marcus Fischer and Simon Scott is amazing! Shape Memory is the first full-length recording made through a collaboration between 12k label mates and friends Marcus Fischer and Simon Scott. In the autumn of 2017, on a free day between US tour dates for Slowdive (for which Simon is the drummer), the pair managed to conceptualize and record an album at S1/Synth Library in Portland, OR. You can listen to the album HERE.

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