A Duck In A Tree

Apr 25, 2019

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I found out on Facebook that three of the artists from Focused Silence were going to be featured on a radio show hosted by Zoviet France. The show was broadcast on ResonanceFM on Saturday. This really is quite something for the label. Zoviet France are giants in our game and it was a pleasure to be noticed by them – a sentiment that Hervé Perez, Silhouette Sect & Tantric Doctors all share with me. You can listen to the show below …

Zoviet France received the albums from me. I have a small newsletter specifically for reviewers and tastemakers. I am glad that anybody reads it – I’m glad it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. The albums were all of the most recent albums for the featured artist: Imploding Stars, The Static Context & Happy Primes. If you want to subscribe to the Tastemaker’s Newsletter then email me using the button below.

I’m very happy with this – it is a good way to see April out. I will be spending the rest of the night drafting an advert for the online edition fo The Wire magazine. So, sit back and tune in to “A Duck In A Tree” – the radio show by Zoviet France. It has good music on it.

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