“Black Hole Music” – A Comprovisation by Tantric Doctors


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In this forty five minute / one-track album, you will pick out moments of free-jazz brilliance and at times you will struggle to process the music. Tantric Doctors is light years ahead of his time and in the Jazz odyssey he really shows his chops. Playing all of the instruments himself, he multi-tracks away using drum-machine, piano, clarinet, bass and synthesisers (among others).

When you listen to this album you are in for the long haul – there is no dipping in and out – you are taken to Tantric Doctors time and Galaxy and shown the forbidden fruit.

I reckon that everything the Tantric Doctor touches turns to gold – however, you be the judge. Whilst this is his least accessible album to date (a good starting point would be Tantric City) there are moments of pure genius that, if you have the technology to carry the music with you (iPod or other MP3 player), then it is an album that will enliven your day. There are parts of the album where you can hear the musician, Tantric Doctors / Adam, interact with his studio – bringing this high quality WAV / CD to life – it is as if you are sat in his studio watching greatness.

Released on 1st November 2016


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