elizabeth Veldon – “Lowland Islands 1 (Greater Cumbrea)”


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“For one reason or another, I found myself at the age of 41 and have never left the British mainland when I and my partner decided to visit the islands in the firth of Clyde. this series of three albums document these experiences.

In the case of Arran, it is a fantasy as we will not have an opportunity to visit that island until the spring due to the difficulties of travelling there.” – elizabeth

The album “Lowland Islands. 1 (Greater Cumbrea)” is a sonic interpretation of the islands in the Clyde river firth, Scotland. Building on a prolific back-catalogue, elizabeth Veldon utilises structured harmonics, minimalist drones and alternating scales to represent Kilchatten Bay & Fintray Bay on the west coast of Scotland.

This album expresses an isolation from the mainland, a barrenness and also the fragility of being a passing soul through a timeless landscape. There is a bleak sense of otherworldliness when you listen to these drones – almost alienation.

At ease with her equipment, she deftly employed the use of physical, analogue technologies and software instruments to build this minimalist composition into a timeless reminder that we are but fleeting effigies.

elizabeth Veldon is a sound artist working primarily in the areas of long-form drone, minimalism and improvisation.

This is the first album in a three-part series that explores the artist’s relationship with isolated areas – figuratively and literally.

Released on 1st November 2016. This album will be on the bigger download sites by the 30th November 2016.

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