Total E.T. – “Universenses”


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Taking a break from his normal improvised electronic sets, Total E.T. brings you to the start of a journey.

This release sees you in the doldrums and at exhausted highs – it really is something of note.

Crafted using using the same tools but a different method, I.v. Martinez (Total E.T.) plays out a release that both Focused Silence and the artist are proud of – weighing in at forty seven minutes, this long form drone release is really interesting and captivating at the same time; a timely, highly recommended find.

“With Total E.T. as your wordless guide and host you will have nothing to worry about while moving in unknown worlds in unknown ways; we have been here before even though we haven’t! But for sure it’s all beautiful!”  – KN, Yeah I Know it Sucks

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