elizabeth Veldon – “Lowland Islands 1 (Bute)”


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With “Lowland Islands 1 (Bute)” Elizabeth returns to Focused Silence with a piano piece. The album is as challenging and bleak as the Highlands Elizabeth now inhabits – but there is a rugged beauty to the album. There is a hallowed beauty to the rhythmic intonations of elizabeth’s musicianship that makes Lowland Islands 1 (Bute) a challenging, thought provoking body of work.

“I wrote these pieces in the autumn, intending to visit Bute in the Spring or early Summer, these are a fantasy of the island. Since then I have moved to the Highlands and not only will I not visit this island for the foreseeable future but I will never complete my proposed trilogy of works about these islands.”

“This is a fantasy that will always stay a fantasy, a dream fading as slowly as a Piano note.” – Elizabeth Veldon