Tantric Doctors – “The Taking Of Trump Tower”


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A long-standing member of the Focused Silence stable, Tantric Doctors, has returned with a protest album.

Despite the many layers and textures on “The Taking Of Trump Tower”, Tantric Doctors is just one man – Adam Woolf. Woolf is a free-jazz musician based in Yorkshire, UK. Equally at home in a group or on one of his many solo albums, Woolf lends a skilled touch to the playing of any instrument. Previously, Woolf ran workshops with people seeking a refuge from their troubled life by creating improvised music in a sheltered environment. Now, after a relocation to Sheffield from London, he has more time to devote to own his passions.

“The Taking Of Trump Tower” is a dizzying blend of electronics, field recordings and free-jazz improvisations. As with all of the Tantric Doctors albums, “The Taking Of Trump Tower” is to be considered as a complete body of work – to be played through in one sitting (indeed, there are no gaps in the song cycle).

Tantric Doctors fits in well with the ethos of Focused Silence, the label releasing “The Taking Of Trump Tower.” Both parties believe that music is a broad church. From have-a-go amateurs to virtuoso performers, good music is a passion. This is what Tantric Doctors & Focused Silence bring to you in this release. Whilst Tantric Doctor’s musical genius is there in spades, “The Taking Of Trump Tower is a very dark album. Taking the inauguration of Trump to the US presidency as the overarching topic – it is hard to separate a foreboding vision of a future utopia that would sit well in a Philip K. Dick novel and this soundtrack.

Now then, in my ideal parallel universe, free jazz would be taught in primary schools and there would be free cheese. However, 2016 seemed to throw the world’s equilibrium off kilter and now we have a situation where a man-toddler is in-charge of the West. But, Tantric Doctors’ well-versed musicality sees that there is optimism on this dark day. “The Taking Of Trump Tower” reminds the listener that there will always be self-expression. In the coming years, this may become regulated by our governments. But for now, let us enjoy the death of common sense.

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