Ferric:Flux #1 – “Dissonance”

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Break Up Blossom

Downtrend Shapes Renewal

A Buzz Word In The Hype Cycle

Downtrend Shapes Renewal

Sifting For Compliments Instead Of Seeing

Downtrend Shapes Renewal

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“Dissonance” by Downtrend Shapes Renewal.

The four tracks on ‘Dissonance’ exhibit the same, new tentative direction of synthesised beats, vocals and straining layered guitars as the ‘larger-whole’ they are cut from. Yet, they stand defiant, making a bold claim to the new area they exist in. ‘Dissonance’ comprises of four tracks – cuttings, if you would – from a bigger body of work. Melodic highs and crisp, rumbling bass thunder through to you as you listen to this.

By trade, Ed is a professional painter – he paints in the hyper-realist style. His dedication to detail and attention to detail is expressed in every manner the artist conducts himself. Ed has some pedigree in Fine Art having had experience as part of Damien Hirst’s team after he graduated from the prestigious Winchester Art School.



Release: FERRICFLUX0001

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