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During September to December 2014 an artist, David Littler, mentored an open group at ORB Community Arts. The group was open to everybody that wished to attend. There were Orb regulars and some of the staff, new-comers and old acquaintances.

Orb Community Arts is an exciting and innovative project that provides a supportive creative and educational space for vulnerable individuals. With a positive mental health ethos focusing on self-worth, confidence building and skill development, Orb offers an unpressured environment in which to exchange ideas and become part of the wider community.

Incorporating its own music studio, art room and computer suite, Orb provides a whole spectrum of opportunities for people to express and further themselves in a way that reflects their own inspirations and aspirations. With access to professional sound and lighting equipment and its own staging, Orb also regularly supports and promotes a wide variety of local events, emphasising service user involvement and providing a showcase for their talents.

Based in Knaresborough but active throughout the Harrogate District and the whole of Yorkshire, Orb is committed to social inclusion and working within the community. As such its active Volunteer Programme also offers people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to get involved, share their skills and develop new ones in an environment that recognises the worth in everyone.

David Littler is a sonic visual artist, curator, educator and DJ currently based in North Yorkshire. He has had a life-long passion for print, textiles and music as vital forms of human expression and communication: examining how they connect us to each other and the wider natural world. It is David that spearheaded this group: dragging us out no matter what the weather and he is the person that compiled this montage.



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