Notes From A Small Town

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Notes From A Small Town

Andy Backhouse

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These sounds were found/recorded in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and the surrounding area. Using a blend of lo-fi and high-end equipment, Andy set out to document the environment – however, there was not as much scope for artistic freedom as he had initially hoped for. Thinking of Field Recording as ‘audio photography’ … then this is Glitch Art. Processed and edited on his late 2009 iMac, using low-end to open license tools, Andy blended the raw efforts into a piece that can be played on 5.1 DTS Surround Sound Home-Cinema rigs. And you have the option to listen to the stereo mix in the shape of the download.

The proceeds of the sale of this album go towards supporting the upkeep of www.asoundmapofharrogate.co.uk. A Sound Map Of Harrogate is a community project, worked on and conceived by Andy, that geo-locates digital media presenting it afresh.


notes-from-a-small-town-2 • Experimental Record Label Yorkshire

Release: FOCUSED0002

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