Andy Backhouse – “Storm Desmond”

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Storm Desmond

Andy Backhouse

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As Storm Desmond blew around most of the North of the UK, there was quite a hooly blowing in Dark Walk Woods, near Newby Hall – North Yorkshire.

Dark Walk Woods only dates back to the inter-war period. There are a mixture of conifers and deciduous trees, with a lot of ivy acting as wind-sails. The recording here picks up the howling wind, gusts of such and the dropping of branches. In the background you can hear the nearby chickens batten down for the night and the screech of Tawny Owls.

Captured between 2130 and 2230 on Friday 4th December – this hour long recording is purely of found sounds. The only editing that was carried out on the file was a fade in / out.


storm-desmond-1 • Experimental Record Label Yorkshire

Release: FOCUSED0005

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