Tantric Doctors – “The Bad Tempered Clavier”

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Tantric Doctors

Don't Shoot The Piano TunerB

Tantric Doctors

There's Only One Captain Worth Following

Tantric Doctors


Tantric Doctors

Feelings Ain't Nothing

Tantric Doctors


Tantric Doctors

Bec94 Copy

Tantric Doctors

Bek20 extract

Tantric Doctors

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“the majority of these tracks are recorded on a friend’s Bechstein grand; many thanks to mick b for that. nd tracks are live midi interactive tracks using a Nord keyboard with a sequencer programmed in certain ways.tantric doctors would like to thank andy backhouse for all his support and Thomas Ligotti for the name.” – Tantric Doctors

Well, the above is what the man behind Tantric Doctors, Adam, says about the album. What I say is that this is an electro-acoustic jazz freak out.

Tantric Doctors is a prolific artist whom I am very proud to be working with. In this album, Adam (mainly) uses a piano to explore his heritage – the rough and ready style of recording is very lo-fi but high quality; there are instances where you can hear the pianist settle down to play the track. A very rough cut that makes this album a highly personal experience.


Master-MP3-2 • Experimental Record Label Yorkshire

Release: FOCUSED0010

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