Tantric Doctors – “Improv EP”

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Tantric Doctors


Tantric Doctors

Punc2 - Mrs Mills And Cecil Taylor Fight It Out Dahn The Old Kent Road

Tantric Doctors


Tantric Doctors


Tantric Doctors


Tantric Doctors

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I have started to wade through the Tantric Doctor’s back catalogue – looking to release some of the older songs Adam has recorded. The first batch were sent over yesterday (12th March 2016) and they all stood out as accomplished works.

I sifted through the eighteen or so tracks that Adam sent me and present to you here, now the first installment of a Tantric Doctor’s retrospective.

“Improv EP” is more than just a hotch-potch of old tracks – the playlist was selected as such so that it flows and glides throughout it’s 30 minute playtime. There really is some blistering free jazz on this release – Tantric Doctors claims to come from the 64th Century – who are we to say he doesn’t? I just hope that, as a musical ambassador of the distant time, his work gets heard by us 21st Century Citizens as much as possible.

Musically, Tantric Doctor’s strong points are his Piano – something that keeps on popping up in this release.



Release: FOCUSED0011

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