Andy Backhouse – “Piano Works vol. I”

Out on: Focused Silence


Fade Out

Andy Backhouse

Dancing Bee

Andy Backhouse

Muggled & Detuned

Andy Backhouse


Andy Backhouse

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The tracks in this album were all recorded in one sitting (not always the first) at Project ORB in 2006.

“My Grandparents were lucky enough to have a piano – I cannot recollect the make of the Baby Grand, but I had a go on the de-tuned, muddled piano. On the piano at ORB, I placed foreign objects between the strings and hammers – in a prepared piano in the style of John Cage – to try an emulate the sound of my grandparents piano.

All of these tracks are reinterpretations of Jazz Standards. I am happy with the result.”

The grandparents and piano have now gone. This is a personal record for me – a recording of a genii locus that transmits no more.



Release: FOCUSED0015

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