Alejandro Remeseiro – “Walking”

Out on: Focused Silence


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Transplanted from the doomed label, Artapes. This album consists of some of the finest Radio Music that I have ever heard.

You might be asking the Why’s and What’s of Radio Music – is it music? Is capturing the ephemeral broadcast of an FM dial and tinkering with it music? Yes? Well, it is an art-form – and, like all art, it is something that happens between the ears, in the brain.

I cannot convey the joyful rapture I experienced when I first played this through. Few of the techniques used to produce this album are apparent – it is mainly a mystery as to how Alejandro honed this album into form – but he has done this with a style and finesse that is suiting to a master-craftsman. With this album, Alejandro has recreated the novelty of of Radio Music afresh.

Available as a compact disc and as a download.*

*Link to follow

Master-MP3-copy-1 • Experimental Record Label Yorkshire

Release: 0017

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