Andy Backhouse – “Whitby 2015”

Out on: Focused Silence


Whitby Abbey (Height Of Summer)

Andy Backhouse

Whitby Abbey Museum

Andy Backhouse

Runswick Bay

Andy Backhouse

Songbird (Clifftop)

Andy Backhouse


Andy Backhouse

From Dabbling In The Curds To Feeding The Machine

Andy Backhouse

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I went on holiday at the height of Summer 2015 – just down the road. Everyone who lives in North Yorkshire has spent a weekend on the coast in either Scarborough or Whitby. I went with my Mum & Dad whilst my wife, Kathryn, was volunteering at Glastonbury (who received the better deal?).

These recording have been sat on my hard drive for well over a year now – time I did something about that. I am releasing this mini-EP for free.

I do not want to charge for this album. The reasons for this are manifold – but, not because it is crap. I was trying out a lot of new gear with this recording so really just finding my feet. I would quite like it if people just shared this album with their friends – or put it on to help fall asleep.

The last track – a 24 minute monster – is recorded in a cottage garden: birds, bees & wheelybins.


whitby • Experimental Record Label Yorkshire

Release: FOCUSED0020

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