The Oxford Ambient Collective – “The Unrequited”

Out on: Focused Silence


Ich Bin Mude und Truarig

The Oxford Ambient Collective


The Oxford Ambient Collective

The Stars (Like Dust)

The Oxford Ambient Collective

All Things Must Pass

The Oxford Ambient Collective

Emotional Landscapes

The Oxford Ambient Collective

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Many, many years ago – Stuart Maconie’s played a track from this album on BBC 6Music’s Freakzone. I sent in the demo. Now then, I have a long history of helping in labels and this was with the first incarnation, Kava Karvup. I really was just fumbling in the dark on this one – however, the track is above.

Most of the work on The Oxford Ambient Collective’s albums is improvisational. It is also done using only an iPad.

Seems to tick all of the boxes for Focused Silence.

Within this album there are moments of complete absurdity – yet they are dominated by the sheer brilliance of the album. There are passages of music that sound like they belong in a Moomin cartoon and then the next track is a Italian Disco inspire frenzy. I love it!

I will let you be the judge.

Released on 1st November 2016


Master-MP3-2 • Experimental Record Label Yorkshire

Release: FOCUSED0023

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