The Oxford Ambient Collective – “Berlin vol. III”

Out on: Focused Silence


Wie Zusammen Leben

The Oxford Ambient Collective

Alexanderplatz Schlaflied

The Oxford Ambient Collective

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I approached The Oxford Ambient Collective to see if I could release any more of their work. I was pleasantly surprised to be sent this album. “Berlin vol. III” is a mature, complex ambient work set in free time that was composed in and about Berlin.

The Oxford Ambient Collective is only one man, David, and he has a great affinity for the German capital, Berlin. Treating it like a missing second home, he tries to get there to treat himself and – through this album – he treats us with sonic wobbles and blissed out highs.

Mastered by www.mastering.wtf and the artwork done by TreeBark. Weighing in at 38 minutes – this album is available as a CD and as a digital download – starts shipping on 1st  December.


Master-MP3-copy-2 • Experimental Record Label Yorkshire

Release: FOCUSED0025

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