Alex Spalding – “Toxic Chicken III”

Out on: Focused Silence


That Toxic Chicken Jam Again

Alex Spalding

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I first came across Alex’s work when I thought that he called himself Toxic Chicken – the album ‘Toxic Chicken’ by Toxic Chicken was on repeat for months in Chateaux Backhouse – it is worth seeking out the entire back catalogue.

Whether it is him or not, Alex continues where he left off with this – the third instalment of Toxic Chicken. Expect more SEGA GENESIS shenanigans as Alex manages to make an album of emotional depth out of Chipcore. There are very few artists who are capable of doing so – but Alex is one of the finest chipcore artists that I have heard – yes, I am biased – but still, I said that.

What can you expect on this album? Short (1minute) bursts of chip-frenzy that will leave you reeling at the recollections of days gone by and all the emotions that you have accumulated since then – for me it really was a nostalgic trip.

However, that is not the purpose of the release – dare I say it, this release gives Chipcore a new lease of life.


Release: FOCUSED0037

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