Tantric Doctors – “Karesansui”

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Tantric Doctors

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“Karesansui” is a one-track, forty-five-minute improvised album inspired by Japanese Stone Gardens. Taking its cue from the serenity and the organised structure of Stone gardens, this is ‘Stone Gardens’ as seen by a free-jazz musician. Tantric Doctors (just one man – real name Adam Woolf) is a free-jazz and electronic musician who revels in Stone Garden’s complete other-worldliness yet finds similarities in the different disciplines of free jazz and stone gardens.

Woolf laid down, through a process of overdubs and re-scores, a free jazz clarinet, alto sax and soprano sax improv and modular synthesis essay seeking to find an outsider’s place in an environment of strict rules and codes of conduct.



Release: FOCUSED0048

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