Silhouette Sect – “Metahope”

Out on: Focused Silence


Waiting For Eva At The Tannhäuser Gate

Silhouette Sect

The Value Of Isolation Is Contrast

Silhouette Sect

An Ever-Moving Array Of Beads

Silhouette Sect

Candid Collaboration Through Frankincense Swirls

Silhouette Sect


Silhouette Sect

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There is an instant melancholy to “Metahope” – was this something Silhouette Sect intended Metahope to have? I don’t know, but, here is what I get from it; there is a glimmer of what can only be described as a foreboding hope pinned throughout the release – sorry if I am wide of the mark. But, then music is a subjective experience – I would hate to explain the joy out of art and this album is Art.

There is the ‘hope of hope’ in this bleak album – sparse and desolate yet pining for a brighter future. Everything is pinned on a bright future and Silhouette Sect nail their debut. A beautiful experimental ambient album.


Release: FOCUSED0052

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