“Happy Primes” Has Been Released

Apr 21, 2019

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I am happy to announce that Tantric Doctors’ release, “Happy Primes,” is now available for sale – it can be found by clicking the button below. There is also a limited edition artwork of the cover available to purchase. To read more about the artist, Tantric Doctors, I recommend the at you click HERE to see his profile. Tantric Doctors is a total modernist disciplinarian. A regular face on the Sheffield Improv scene, he has released quite a few albums on Focused Silence.

“Happy Primes” is a tribute to Conlon Nancarrow – Nancarrow was a little-known Twentieth Century composer who fought in the Spanish Civil war. When the US government started making life difficult for American who fought on the Peninsula (he was American) he took up residence in Mexico City. Nancarrow composed works that were so rhythmically complex that they had to be performed on Player Pianos.

Tantric Doctors have rocked up with a series of MIDI improvisations for piano Duet – all played by one man. 

So, like Nancarrow, the works cannot be played by one person yet there is only one person involved with their performance – something I dig. For more on Nancarrow, please see his Wiki HERE.

“Happy Primes” is available as a CD & Download. The artwork was done by the talented Ed Lawrenson – a gifted visual artist and nice guy. We are selling a limited edition of the cover as a Glicée Print. I admit I had to look up what a Glicée Print was – but is a print that is Samson Strong – it is built to last. All of the proceeds from the sale of the prints go to the artist, Ed. You can have a look at the print above this text block and you can click the button below to see about getting the print.

So, it is a busy time for the label – there are a few more releases available as a pre-order. We have a Silhouette Sect album “The Static Context” coming out this Friday – you can listen to a track from that HERE. I am very happy with this release; we wanted to keep it below £10 so we came up with some hand-made packaging. It is all the work of the artist, Silhouette Sect, who set aside a weekend to hammer out the cases – they are fashioned on to a decorated Hardboard and are very pleasing. We also have a label debut by Hervé Perez – Imploding Stars is a great album that defies classification – I have plonked it in the electro-acoustic section of the shop, hope you don’t mind? Also, last but not least, is Total E.T. with the final installation of his Cosmic Trilogy, P.A.S.T. A great long-form drone piece.

So then, that’s a wrap – thank you very much for reading this – it is shaping up to be a glorious day here in North Yorkshire; I write this before 7am but the forecast is great. I am getting ready for time at my folks. There is a family get together with my sister having come over from Manchester. It should be good – I may bring some field recording gear, maybe not – maybe just a camera? Either way I always need an activity centre. Thanks for reading x

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