Out Now: “Colophon” By Ifitisn’t

Jun 7, 2019

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A New Release On Focused Silence

“colophon” by the duo, ifitisn’t. Comprising of Kalnars & Robinson, Sheffield locals ifitisn’t have released their debut on Focused Silence – I love it. It has a subtlety and grace that I really dig. There are moments when Robinson’s electronics take you to a quite a dark place and then Kalnars (improvised?) acoustics set you at ease with a lullaby quality. I think this is top-drawer electro-acoustic music.

ifitisn’t is about the interruptive noise that exists between transmission and the
intended reception of the message, the fragments of concrete experience that interrupt
hegemony. it is the mapping of emotional and political territories. ifitisn’t is
cartographer and rhetoricican.


Comprising of Kalnars and Robinson, the ifitisn’t duo are Sheffield based and have a bit to say about their art. ifitisn’t has performed at art galleries in joint events with artists. ifitisn’t is available for gigs in London / UK and beyond; they can be contacted for submissions of work for broadcast, performance or installation via the label’s contact page – I will pass on any requests to Robinson & Klanars.


The release is split over two tracks – each one a unique take. Here is a preview …


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