The Cosmic Trilogy Is Now Complete

May 17, 2019

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Can I Introduce My Alien Friend …?

Music saved Total E.T.’s life – that is why it is part of his Alien agenda.

Coupling long form drone and space isolation, Total E.T. aims to create new worlds within your own cosmos for you to enjoy. He sees his music as he sees his life, cataloguing the day to day ‘happenstance’ of his existence to tell people of his days here.

He claims to be from a distant planet and the music he releases on Focused Silence is a testimony of life on Earth, warts and all – this is his message to his people back home.

And, I am happy to be part of it. If only in a small way. You can listen to the complete album using the button below, or, keep scrolling for a preview.


Paranoically Assumed Sound Tunnel,” the final chapter in Total E.T.’s “COSMIC TRILOGY,” is out now! The trilogy comprises of Universenses, A.L.I.E.N. & P.A.S.T. – all long-form Drone pieces. Music that takes you somewhere.

The man behind Total E.T. say it is “also kinda prequel to the first two albums.” The circle is closed now. The circle that is describing the mission of experiMENTALien entity is now complete. It started as the observation of life on Earth, data collecting & encoding this data into weird sounds / noises / rhythms. Transmission of the recorded data was achieved in the form of releasing it as “music” on friendly labels, especially on Focused Silence.

The mission of this alien entity continues, but this chapter is closed and everybody can enjoy the wonderful weirdness of the “Cosmic Trilogy.”

Here is a photo of my Alien fiend …


We have released a limited edition CD in a run of 100 pressings. Each CD ships in a metal tin. The postage is by Royal Mail – despite the closure of the local branch. I wish the women of the Post Office branch in Harrogate all the best and I thank them for their assistance in the past – all the best.

The CD comes in a metal tin as seen below – this really is quite something; I am very happy with this. If you want to collect one in person, and you live in Harrogate, then please email me at [email protected] and we can sort something out.

Quite a dark album, this – although there are real moment’s of genius. The trials and tribulations of a man making his mark on the world are encapsulated in this forty-or-so-minute, one-track recording. Even I have gone out and bought one – I figure it might be worth a bob or two in the future – hell, it is built to survive well in to the future with the metal casing – so here is to Total E.T. It’s been a blast, buddy!

Summing Up

That is about it for this blog post – I can tell you that we have a very exciting project on the way in the form of a mini-cd release. The mini-Cd will only be 8cm width and be shipped in see-through cases. The project this is for is a new band to the label, ifitisn’t. For more about ifitisn’t please click HERE. Thanks for listening. x

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