We Have Released “The Static Context”

Apr 26, 2019

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On April 26th 2019, Focused Silence released “The Static Context” by Silhouette Sect. A good follow up to their debut on the label, Metahope, this carries on where the debut left off. However, there are a few marked departures – the musicianship of Silhouette Sect is bolder and not adverse to taking experimental challenges and the whole album moves and breathes as one organism. An accomplished feat.

We have celebrated the launch of Silhouette Sect’s second album by keeping the price of his debut below £10. You can check out Silhouette Sect’s debut “Metahope” HERE.

The follow up, The Static Context can be listened to above or bought as a limited edition, hand made CD. Details of the packaging are below. To read more about Silhouette Sect, please click HERE.

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